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Established 2020

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Duffers United Walking Football ® (DUWF) is based in the Vale Of Glamorgan South Wales and was set up to provide an opportunity for people of all abilities over the age of 50 to connect with football in a friendly, safe and supportive environment. DUWF is a not for profit club with all income used for the benefit of club members.

Walking Football is a small-sided ball game (usually 6 a side). It is like standard 5 a-side football in some respects in that the ball must not go over head height, but the biggest difference is, as the name suggests, no running or jogging is allowed. This includes no running with or without the ball. You can walk as fast as you can manage but one foot must always be in contact with the ground.


Another big difference that makes it a safer sport, especially for those with health conditions, is that it is a non-contact sport. Although tackling is allowed, this must be done with no contact.


If you have played football before, the skills you learned will come flooding back to you. If you have not played football before you will learn new skills.

Because you are not allowed to run you will improve the accuracy of your passing and learn to pass and move more effectively, balance will improve.

Walking Football is the perfect game for people in later life because the threat of pain or injury is reduced due to the slower pace of the game and no contact.

Although the pace is slower, don't be fooled in to thinking that it is not challenging. Walking Football is an excellent way of staying fit and healthy. You will feel as if you have had a good workout.


DUWF currently train twice weekly (Tuesday 6pm - 7pm at Jenner Park, Barry and Thursday 7pm - 8pm at Colcot Sports Centre, Barry) and participates in friendly matches with other walking football clubs in Wales. We have entered the Wales Walking Football League and play under the name and colours of Barry Town United Walking Football Team.


If you are over 50 and the above appeals to you and you are interested in playing Walking Football or simply keeping fit through playing Walking Football please contact DUWF at duffersunited@virginmedia.com

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